Cooper (Romania)
Cooper (Romania)
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referentieWith Reijnen Sealing we don’t have only a supplier-customer relationship, but a partnership based on mutual interest and common values.

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Customisation and step-by-step plan

The manufacture of gaskets is a customised process. The processing machines have been designed and built specifically for this purpose. The formation of the moulding mass is also custom-made. The right raw material is selected for each application consultation with our raw material suppliers (Sonderhoff GmbH and Frechem GmbH) . This partnership leads to a large degree of innovative strength. 

A step-by-step plan is followed for each application:

  • selection of the right raw material
  • programming of the right hardness and other product specifications
  • programming of the application form based on the available contours.
  • test spraying

This process can be completed within a few days, depending on the level of complexity.

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If you want to know if our techniques are suitable for your products or applications, please contact us! We are always willing to explore possibilities!