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Cooper (Romania)
Cooper (Romania)
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referentieWith Reijnen Sealing we don’t have only a supplier-customer relationship, but a partnership based on mutual interest and common values.

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The FIPFG (formed-in-place-foam-gasket) technology offers many more pros than cons:

Technical pros:
• Suitable for various applications
• Quickly usable owing to short development cycle
• Seamless
• Adhesion
• Ecological (environmentally-friendly process)
• No auxiliary programs
• High return
• Precise dimensioning and contours
• Suitable for extreme temperature fluctuations

Quality pros:
• The best solution for custom-made seals
• Much lower chances of 'leakage' because the seal is applied according to specification
• Quality of replication guaranteed by our procedures

Economic pros: 
• No expensive investments by our clients
• No punch or other expensive developments
• Cost reduction through automation
• Flexibility of seal geometry
• Both series and single runs attractively priced 
• Durability/life cycle of the seal

• Location-bound: the products have to be transported to Reijnen
• The seal sticks to the product and may leave traces when removed
• “Separate” gaskets are difficult to deliver subsequently (possible, but not desirable)
• The maximum working width is (X) 2400mm x (Y) 1000mm and (Z) 200mm in height

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If you want to know if our techniques are suitable for your products or applications, please contact us! We are always willing to explore possibilities!