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referentieWith Reijnen Sealing we don’t have only a supplier-customer relationship, but a partnership based on mutual interest and common values.

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Moulding resin as an alternative for a plastic housing and featuring optimum protection

Our moulding resins can be used as an alternative for plastic housings by using smart techniques. The use of moulding resin as a synthetic housing enables us to completely protect your products without the need to use a 'separate' housing. This results in cost savings for customers and the certainty of sound protection.

Electronics housing

The big advantage is that we can make your products as you want them. Virtually any type of electronics housing is possible - we can even make allowance for protruding cables, connectors, LEDs, pot meters, etc. Making smart use of our knowledge and sharing it with you makes the entry rate for custom-made electronics housings extremely low, and optimising production makes this an attractive option for very small and very large series alike.

Production of moulding resin "plastic" housings

The production of a plastic housing within one month our first contact with you is no exception! To eliminate many problems in advance we are pleased to provide you with our knowledge concerning the design process for your PCB and/or other product. That protects you against unpleasant surprises during the production process.

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If you want to know if our techniques are suitable for your products or applications, please contact us! We are always willing to explore possibilities!