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Variety of moulding resins

Moulding resin is one of the specialist fields of Reijnen Sealing. At Reijnen Sealing we use premium quality (UL 94-V0 certified) polyurethane resins for moulding electrical components. The various types of polyurethane moulding resins that we use are ideally suitable for moulding electronics. Our specialist areas include both embedding in a housing and free-form moulding. The PU resin is solvent-free and the moulding resin also adheres well to many different surfaces. Our PU moulding resin provides the best possible protection for electronic components. Moulding resins are frequently used in environments where the electronics may be affected by moisture, vibration, dust and mechanical loads.

Put simply, moulding with polyurethane moulding resin provides optimum protection in virtually all conditions.

Supplier of polyurethane (PU) moulding resin

Most of the moulding resins that we use for moulding originate from, and the larger suppliers in this area.

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