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Protection of your electronics with (conformal) coating

Some electronic components cannot be protected by moulding systems. For these components Reijnen Sealing is able to apply a protective coating.

A robot-controlled vaporiser is used to spray a thin coating of lacquer developed especially for this purpose onto the PCB. The advantage of this method is that it remains possible to repair components following the treatment. Using a transparent, coloured lacquer and fluorescence makes it possible for us to easily check whether the components have been completely coated.

Protecting your electronics with a coating is a relatively simple and inexpensive process.

It is also possible for Reijnen to apply a much thicker lacquer coating in cases where more stringent demands are made for the protective coating or where it has to remain possible to repair the components. This 'TWIN CARE' application results in a coating 5 to 10 times thicker. TWIN CARE of Peters Lackwerke is a solvent-free one-component system that quickly hardens under UV. The protective properties of this method are chemically, climatologically and mechanically outstanding.

Coating can of course also be used in combination with other Reijnen techniques. The 'dam and fill' principle is used in cases where some of the components have to be coated on a PCB whereas others must certainly not. We can of course also use dipping methods.  


If you want to know if our techniques are suitable for your products or applications, please contact us! We are always willing to explore possibilities!