Hotmelt molding

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Cooper (Romania)
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Polyamide hotmelt applications are developed at Sperring B.V. a sister company of Reijnen Sealing B.V.  The latest technologies in the field of low pressure injection are used for this purpose. Your electronics are designed according to your wishes and requirements. The polyamide used at Reijnen is developed and made by Henkel. 

Cooled moulds

The usually very sensitive electronics are not damaged by the hotmelt. Our spraying technique is based on low pressure and the moulds are cooled. This places a lower burden on the components than soldering, for example. The moulds themselves are made of high quality aluminium.

Exact forming
The use of metal moulds makes the forming precise, even after long-term usage. The injection opening is kept so small that no moulding defects are caused. Because the layer thickness of the polyamide is the same, the hotmelt technique is ideal for manufacturing items such as sensors.

The hotmelts used are made entirely of organic materials and are 100% recyclable.

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