Cooper (Romania)
Cooper (Romania)
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referentieWith Reijnen Sealing we don’t have only a supplier-customer relationship, but a partnership based on mutual interest and common values.

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Electronics on ships and drilling platforms often come into contact with humid air and salt water. To effectively protect electronics in this environment we use UL94 V0 polyurethane with an IP 68 value. Our moulded products are also found on various drilling platforms: our resin and casting procedures have been accredited as being ATEX-safe.

Sprayed polyurethane gaskets have found their way over all the world's oceans. The perfect density of this type of gasket and the durability of the materials used in salty and wet conditions at sea make the application perfect for shipping.

The water tightness goes up to IP69K standard. The base material on which the gasket is applied is more likely to be the water tightness limitation than the gasket itself.


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