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Cooper (Romania)
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referentieWith Reijnen Sealing we don’t have only a supplier-customer relationship, but a partnership based on mutual interest and common values.

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Hotmelt moulding can be used to protect your electronics against external influences. The polyamide hotmelt prevents damage caused by water, chemicals, vibration and temperature fluctuations.

The most important property of polyamide is the completely watertight protection of electronics. The strong adhesion of the material to various plastics prevents leakage. The watertight protection also remains intact after long-term usage.

Chemical resistance
Electronics are being used more and more in 'inaccessible' places. This makes contact with various chemical products unavoidable. The polyamide used by Reijnen Sealing B.V. is resistant to many aggressive chemical substances.

Temperature fluctuations
Hotmelt is resistant to large temperature fluctuations. Moulded material can function between -40 °C and +150 °C.


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