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Polyurethane moulding: embedding techniques

Polyurethane moulding or potting are also referred to as embedding techniques and involve casting electronics in a preformed housing. With our completely automated system we are even able to compete with the low wage countries on polyurethane moulding.

Ship's electronics often come into contact with humid air and salt water. To effectively protect electronics in this environment we use UL94 V0 polyurethane with an IP 68 value. This provides the best possible protection against moisture.

Electrical discharge
The challenge to get as many functions as possible into the smallest possible PCB is sometimes not viable because of the electrical discharge aspect. But the density of our UL94 V0 moulding resin makes it possible to produce a moulded PCB in the minimum dimensions required.

Shocks and vibration reduce the life cycle of components and solders. Polyurethane moulding provides the best protection in these conditions.

Polyurethane moulding is used in high-end consumer electronics to prevent electrical discharge. The electronics housings are completely sealed against curious competitors and inexpert fingers.

Heavy-duty conditions
The most demanding conditions imaginable for electronics are found in the automotive industry. Our polyurethane properties make it possible to withstand temperatures from -40 °C to +130 °C. Hot oil, spattering water, sharply fluctuating temperatures: the electronics that we have embedded in polyurethane keep working properly.

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